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Important: SLC stands for Sky Loyalty Club as well as Sky Loyalty Card as applicable in respective cases.

How do I register to Sky Loyalty Club?

Visit any of the sky jewellery outlets in the UAE and ask for the simple one minute procedure of registration. You need to fill in a very simple form expressing your intend along with your essential personal details to be enrolled into Sky Loyalty Club.

How can I get a Sky Loyalty Card?

Sky Loyalty Card, a smart card in nature, is your identity as a Sky Loyalty Club member. The moment you hand over the duly filled registration form in any outlets, you are allotted with a Sky Loyalty Card with a unique number activated thereon. The card contains your personal details shared during registration along with 2500 ‘Welcome Bonus Points’ for your future association with Sky jewellery and all transactions, rewards, benefits and Bonus points earned as well as redeemed.

How is it activated and how long the activation is valid?

Sky Loyalty Card is activated the moment it is handed over to you at the time of registration. And the activation is valid till it is recalled or deactivated by the issuing authority on rare reasons of mismanagement of the card or misrepresentation. However, bonus points accrued against each purchase will have a life or validity of 24 months and they are to be redeemed within 24 months.

How does Sky Loyalty Card function?

An activated Sky Loyalty Card is a proud identity in any of the Sky Group activities all across. However, this can be more effectively used during your purchases guaranteeing rich benefits in terms of pricing and Bonus Points to be earned against each purchase. Use of this card at every purchase in sky jewellery gives accumulated points enabling you to convert your earned points into hard cash against purchase. You will be able to track full details of your accumulated bonus points, its validity etc.. online. Once you log into your loyalty card account you have full statement at your fingertip including available points for redemption.

Is it mandatory that all SLCs should be activated online for regular use?

The moment you get possession of your SL Card it is fully activated for your smooth and regular use. Online access is for those to know the outstanding bonus points etc without visiting the showroom. However, please, note that earning and burnings of points do take place exclusively by visiting the showroom with your smart card.

Can other members of my Family use my Card?

Anyone can use your card during purchase to earn points. Even your friends can make use of this card. And the benefits of all their purchase will reflect in the card as bonus points. Earning of points to any extent is not restricted. But redemption of the already earned points shall happen with the card holder’s presence at the outlet personally during redemption.

When do I get start earning points in my SL Card ?

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How do I know that points are credited after every purchase?

You being an elite member in Sky Family through Sky Loyalty Card, every time when a purchase is done based on the SL Card details given/furnished the system generates the Bonus Points based on the purchase. The Points thus accumulated is clearly mentioned in the POS bill generated against the purchase. This is your first clear claim and proof for the newly generated points/redeemed points. However, in the Loyalty Card these points are entered separate instantly and can be clearly tracked for future concurrences for both the sides either online or directly checking at the terminals.

Is it mandatory that I need to carry the SL Card during purchase?

If you know the SL Card number you can intimate that in the cash counter or your mobile number which stands as a unique number for your card will retrieve all the details of your membership. Accordingly, points can be earned in the system along with its full details in the POS print out. But, as you do not have the card with you these points will not be entered in the card as it does not have a terminal access at the time of purchase. However, this can be regularized by crediting it within two days by producing the SL card at your nearest Sky Jewellery outlet.

How long my Bonus Points are valid?

Any bonus point earned is valid for 24 months from the day it got earned in your account. Welcome bonus pack, points earned through each purchase etc… each will have a validity of 24 months. If not redeemed within the stipulated 24 months time the respective over aged points will get eliminated from your account without any intimation. Please, note that this is a system generated activity.

What do I do in case if I missed to incorporate my last purchase into loyalty card?

Any purchase without intimating the Loyalty membership shall fall as a normal purchase. However, if that you want to add that into your card, you are requested to visit the same showroom where you purchased with all documents to make the needed revision of respective entries. This will enable you to earn points. However, the period for such lapses to get rectified is within 5 working days from the date of your actual purchase.

How do I redeem my points?

Redemption of the earned points is a simple process. Either through your online access, or by checking the card at the terminals installed in the showroom you can personally come to know the total points available for redemption as on date. The points you want to convert into cash against your purchase shall be intimated at the cash counter while the invoice is being prepared.

Can I redeem any amount of points during a purchase?

On a normal case it is a clean YES. But, you need to bear in mind the following guidelines. The minimum available points for redemption every time when you want to do it is 10,000 points. Anything less than that will not be eligible for redemption. Once you come in that bracket of 10,000 any multiples of 5000 can be redeemed. The remaining points if any will remain in the account to be redeemed again later once it hits the 10,000 mark. For redemption there is no upper limit. Any amount of points you have accumulated shall be redeemed as per the above minor guideline if it is within 24 months.

Where can I redeem my points?

During your purchase at any Sky Jewellery outlets you can redeem your points as mentioned above.

How Can I replace my Sky loyalty Card?

Suppose your Loyalty Card got missed or got damaged, contact Sky Jewellery outlet from where your card was issued. The needful action would be taken by the oulet.

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