sky loyalty club

We introduce to you our Sky club loyalty program, an exciting and unique extension of the infamous SkyJewellery Group.

We introduce the Sky Club loyalty smart card, launched to offer our esteemed members further rewards for recognition of their loyalty and continued trust in our brand. With an eye for exquisite gold jewellery and a unique understanding of your desires, the loyalty card will further enhance the exceptional shopping experience you deserve.

We will present you, our esteemed members with a personalized loyalty smart card, making it easier for you to earn and redeem loyalty points with us. The smartcard will automatically store your points every time you choose to purchase another piece of delectable gold jewellery.

We will enhance your shopping experience by making it is as easy as possible for you to earn points with a swipe of a card. The card can then simply be used to redeem your points in all of our retail outlets.



Badges Earned